Men are ______ Here!

When men have spent a Sunday morning in your church how would they fill in the blank of this statement?Question - Man

“Men are ______ here.”

What word would they place in that blank?  Hopefully it is words such as ‘Welcome’, ‘Value’, ‘Supported’, ‘Admired’, or ‘Highly Regarded.’   And not like these words ‘Tolerated’, ‘Trouble’, or ‘Not’ ( Men are NOT here).

Jim Ramos of Men in the Arena Ministry often says, “When men get it – everyone wins.”

Statistics tells us that when the woman in the home comes to Christ, 17% of the time the rest of the family will follow.  When the Man in the home comes to Christ that percentage climbs to 93%.

When you read the Bible, we find most of the individuals God uses to accomplish his will are – what? – Men!

Dr. Claude Mariottini, Professor of Old Testament at Northern Baptist Seminary, listed in his article The Ten Most Influential People in the History of the Church that nine of the ten were men; Paul, Constantine, Athanasius, Augustine, Jerome, Thomas Aquinas, Teresa of Avila, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and John Wesley.

Therefore, we can deduct men are essential in accomplishing God’s work.  But, less than 10% of evangelical churches in the United States have an active Ministry to Men.  Most churches who have a line item in their budget for ministering to men assign less than 1/10th of 1% of their church budget to ministering to men.

So, if we say men are important, why do churches seem to pay little attention to the men?  When I visit churches, I pay attention on the ministries the church place importance.  In most every case I will find brochures and promotions on Children, Youth, and Women’s Ministry.  Rarely do I find anything regarding men.

Disciple MakingMen need to have other men in their lives.  Men need men who will speak into their lives.  Men need men who will encourage and provide support as they deal with the struggles of life.  Older men need to be pouring into the lives of younger men just like Paul spoke of in 1 Thessalonians 2:8.  Younger men need to be seeking out older men and asking them to be a mentor.  We need to get away from this ‘Often Told – Rarely Trained’ phenomenon in our churches.

Churches need to be training men how to be mentors and disciplers.  Though many churches are beginning to see the need and the failure of the churches over the decades – centuries – many more still do not recognize the need.  Truth is these churches probably do not know where to start.  Getting men engaged is much different than getting women, youth, and children engage.

Many books have been written for churches to start ministering to men.  Too many to mention here.  But if you are passionate about ministering to men but do not know where to start.  Don’t think you have to begin with a big event.  Invite 3-4 men to join you in a study.  Start small and let God do His work.  Pat Morley in his book No Man Left Behind states it takes 5- 10 years to develop a sustainable ministry to men.

How do men feel when they leave your church service on Sunday morning?  Do they sense the church has a passion to speak into men’s lives or do they feel it is the same as all the other churches they have attended – nothing for men.  How would they answer the question, “Men are _______ here?”  My prayer it is something like ‘Men are Value here!’

Soon we will talk how church décor will speak to men.

Together in the challenge and adventure to disciple men – Mike