Equip Men to Ministry

Mens MinistryThis is our third installment on the 4 E’s of Men’s Ministry which are the cornerstones to make sure we are touching a man in every area of his walk with Christ.  To make sure we are not only involved in “ministries by men” but, we are also involved in “ministering to men.”  Both are important but often the “ministering to men” element is overlooked and if one is more important, “ministering to men” is the one.  For when men get the spiritual part right, then they will have a longing desire to do “ministries by men.”

To remind us what are the 4 E’s we discussed in a previous article, I have listed them again.  They are;

  1. Evangelize Men to Salvation
  2. Establish Men to Spiritual Maturity
  3. Equip Men to Ministry
  4. Extend Men on Mission

In this article we will review the third cornerstone, Equip Men to Ministry.

Pic 003Many men that are active in the church generally desires to reach out and help individuals in need.  Many of the men in our churches are involved in helping with maintenance activities around the church.  Maybe helping with a recovery effort after a devastating storm has come through an area.  They might be involved in building ramps to help the disable to access their homes easier.  The men may even go own various types of mission trips.  But does that mean they are Equipped to do Ministry.  I will submit to you – not necessarily.

In my travels I have seen men working hard to deal with an individual’s specific needs.  They may have been trained to do the task assigned and they do an exceptional job.  But there is another aspect and that is Equipping Men to Minister to the spiritual needs of the individual.

When men are involved in being Established in Spiritual Maturity this will help men be equip to minister.  Generally, these men will be the first to volunteer for ministering opportunities.

Often our men have been trained in certain tasks but have not been trained in how to share the gospel.  How to pray with and for someone.  How to deal when people ask you “Why?”  They like helping the physical needs but often lack the skills to deal with the spiritual needs.

Praying with PoliceWhen I am out on a ministry opportunity, we encourage team members to develop a relationship with the person being ministered.  Not everyone on the team will be able to do this; but, someone on the team may be able to relate with the one being ministered.  Taking the time to get to know them and at some point, talking with them about spiritual matters.  I have noticed men who have been in discipling relationships are more likely to develop those relationships with the individual.  Therefore, it is important to help move our men into discipling relationships so they can develop the spiritual maturity to speak into the lives of others..

As men grow spiritually in their walk with God, they will develop the confidence to speak into the lives of the people being ministered.  There is a direct correlation between Establishing Men in Spiritual Maturity and Equipping Men to Ministry.

So, Equipping Men to Ministry is two-fold: 1) teach them how to perform tasks that meets the needs of the individual and 2) how to speak into the individual’s life about spiritual matters.  This is performed by getting men involved in training opportunities to learn the tasks and discipling relationships to speak into lives.

As you evaluate your church’s ministry to men, check to be sure you are not only training them to perform certain tasks exceptionally well, but the ministry is also discipling the men so they can speak into others’ lives with confidence.

Together in the challenge and adventure to disciple men – Mike