Volunteers Needed

Pic 003Five weeks ago, Hurricane Florence came ashore in North Caroline causing devastation with 1000s of homes being flooded or receiving severe wind damage.  Immediately after the storm passed many organizations began gearing up to provide relief and start recovery of those effected by the storm.  Many of us have been working tirelessly since then providing services such as feeding; removing contents and damage sheetrock, insulation, flooring, cabinets, etc; removing vegetation debris; and administrative support.  Many volunteers have stepped up coming from as far away as Oklahoma, Indiana, and New Jersey to assist in this massive effect.  Now less than two weeks ago Hurricane Michael came ashore in the Panhandle of Florida causing more devastation.  Our volunteer base is being stretched because of these two hurricanes.

Pic 001Therefore, I want to encourage you to find an organization assisting the many that are hurting and volunteer your time.  Maybe you are saying I cannot do physical labor anymore.  Understand, but there could be administrative duties you can help with.  Maybe you can just be a friendly face someone needs to see as they come asking for assistance.  Many are comforted just by having someone to talk with and who will pray with them.  Some organizations need volunteers to make meals for the volunteers and provide other support.

Pic 002I want to encourage you to find an organization and consider volunteering a day or even a few hours.  If you own a business, consider encouraging your employees to volunteer by giving them a paid day to do so like some businesses have done.  Volunteers are going to be needed for many months and even years to help the many affected by these storms to bring some sort of normalcy back into their lives.