Do For Others as Christ Has Done For Us

John 13:15 “For I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you.”

This is a short statement made by Jesus after he had humbly took off his clothes, put on a servant’s robe and washed the feet of the disciples during Passover on the night before His death.

The interesting thing that many of us miss here is that Jesus had just humbly bowed down and washed the feet of Peter who would deny Him three times later that night and more interesting, Judas’ feet who would betray Jesus in just a few hours.  Both – because Jesus is God in the flesh – He knew beforehand what each were going to do.

Jesus provided an example to us that even if individuals are treating us poorly.  Even denying us or turning against us we should still treat them as Jesus did Peter and Judas on that fateful night.  Jesus could have easily said when He came to those two, “Sorry, you are going to deny me” and “You are going to betray me” but he didn’t.  Jesus treated them the same as he did the other 10 disciples that night.

So when people speak badly of you, curse at you, or betray your confidence, think of what Jesus did.  He still showed mercy and compassion to those who turned against Him and humbly bowed and washed their feet because of His love and desire to have fellowship with each of them. Therefore, we should take His example and do as He has done for us.

Do for others as Christ has done for us.

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