Why Men Need to be in Discipling Groups – Part 3

Eight of ten men will not find their jobs satisfying

A couple of weeks ago we started looking and unpacking a list of statistics the authors of the book No Man Left Behind share that men in the church struggle with.  In this post we are going to look at the statistic that eight of ten men will not find their jobs satisfying.

We constantly hear men talking about the negatives of Men Work Struggletheir jobs and never the positives.  Men many times feel as if they are in a rut when it comes to the careers.  They get up early in the morning.  Take a shower and get dress.  Grab a quick bite of breakfast, kiss the wife and kids goodbye as they rush out the door.  Deal with the pressures and stress of work.  Come home to dinner.  Maybe to a wife who had a rough day and is discourage.  Kids tugging at your pants wanting attention.  You want some down time – just a few minutes to unwind.  All of a sudden you boil over and you release some of that stressful energy on your family.  You realize what you did and you feel bad.  You go to bed and get up the next morning just to start all over again.  What a life!

I must confess there was a period of time in my recent past I was not satisfied with my career.  And just like I described above, if you listen, you will hear men regularly talk about wishing they could make a career change.  I was stressed out.  I was actually depressed and just wishing something would happen that would prevent me from going to work.  Now I wasn’t looking for something to happen to me or any of my family but some little thing that would keep me from work.  Men that is not a good place to be.  It will affect your quality of life, your relationship with your wife and children, and it will affect your spiritual walk with God.

The reason I ended up in the career I was in for over 40 years was because Carolina Power and Light was hiring the day I walked into their offices looking for a job.  I needed a job as I had just left college.  I was going to work a couple of years, save some money, and then go back to school.  Instead, I meet a beautiful girl, we got married and now I was stuck in a career to care for her and eventually two children.  I had a responsibility to work and provide for my family.  Though I would not trade my wife or children for anything; how many of you have had the same or similar situation?

I spent no time in asking God what He wanted me to do when it came to my career.  As I recognized this later in life and repented of not following Him in the career path He was preparing me for; He allow me to become satisfied in my career by moving me into a position I thoroughly enjoyed until my retirement.

Many men are dissatisfied in their careers or they have a sense of lost.  They feel as if something is missing and they can’t really put their finger on it.  I believe it is because we have missed what God has called us to do.  When God created us, he created us with certain gifts and talents.  He has a plan for our lives and we need to rely on Him to direct us and show us the plan.

Today, I encourage young men to discover the talents and skills God has given them; discover their passion (or calling as we sometimes call it) and then apply those talents, skills and passion to a career.  God has called all believers to a career.  We typically think of a “calling” as being some type of ministerial vocational career.  But we can be “called” into any career.  God can call you to be a mechanic; or a contractor; or a lawyer; or a doctor; or a teacher, or into any other profession.

According to Romans 11:29; “The calling of God are irrevocable.”  Just like when God did not reject Israel when they were disobedient God will not reject us when we have failed to follow His plan for our lives with the gifts and talents He has given us.  He does not change His calling just because we went a different direction.  His calling remains the same.

Several years ago a friend of mind gave me the book Half Time by Bob Buford.  I would recommend a reading of this book if you are dissatisfied imageswith your career.  But more importantly spend time with God examining yourself and asking God what He has called you to do.  We spend a better part of a third of our lives in our careers.  Why would God want us in careers that causes us to be dissatisfied?

Maybe you need to repent of not following His leading.  If so just humbly ask God to forgive you and he will.  He may answer your prayer by working in your life to allow you to become satisfied or He may move you to make a career change.  Whatever the case, seek God and surrender your career to Him and allow Him to direct your path.  As Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us, Trust in the LORD with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

All of us will touch many lives with the Gospel of Christ no matter what profession we are in.  Never think of your job as a menial task just to pay the bills.  Think of it as your calling to reach the lost for Christ or to encourage your brothers and sisters in the market place.  God has a purpose for your life and that purpose is to glorify God no matter where you are at this moment.

Get with a group of men and talk about God’s calling of each of your lives.  Pray and encourage each other to seek God’s guidance and direction in your careers.

Men need to be discipled to prepare them for the calling (careers) God will place on their lives.

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